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How it works

Connect your sales team with your partners that have already closed their prospects to get introductions, recommendations, or strategic information
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Join your partners by easily & securely connecting your CRM or other sales pipeline data source.

Find Overlap

Instantly see all your overlapping customers and prospects in just a few clicks.

Take Action

Make your sales team smarter and more effective with actionable alerts where they work.

Grow Revenue

Measurably increase your ecosystem revenue by up to 20x.

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Grow Revenue with Partnered

The best salespeople know how to leverage partners to close more, faster. Give your team the tools to succeed.
Actionable Account Mapping
Forget spreadsheets. Instantly account map in just a few clicks and use automation to turn your overlaps into revenue.
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more partner sourced revenue
Collaborative Inbox
Instantly connect your sales teams and partners to break into accounts and fast-track deals.
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faster time-to-close on your deals
Attribution & Insights
Get the gold standard in partnership attribution. Understand every partner touchpoint to make better decisions.
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more attributed partnership activities

The Platform your entire Go-to-Market Team will love

Golden revenue opportunities + automation

Skip the tedious tasks and go straight to identifying your next accounts to target, then engage your partners in two clicks.

Keep a bird's eye view on the Go-To-Market Team's interactions with your partners, let Partnered handle follow-ups and tracking touch points.
Automate your busywork
A game changer for partnership teams. Partnered will transform Sales and Partnership collaboration.

Deal intros & inside info at your fingertips

Leveraging your partners to close deals has never been easier - it’s a no-brainer with small lift and big gains.

Can you post a giphy on Slack? Then you can find a partner to help you break into and close a deal nearly as easily.
Tap into partners for every deal
As a salesperson, the ability to connect with trusted partners on key accounts shrinks my learning curve AT LEAST in half (likely more). I feel more confident going into meetings armed with proper data, and I get a good feel for expected pushback and hurdles before I even set the meeting. Absolute lifesaver.

Measure + increase the impact of partnerships

Account-based partnership attribution and reporting for your team, starting today.

Measure partnership team impact while also increasing the value of the entire Go-To-Market team’s partner efforts.
Modernize with a single platform
Partnered gives us real insight into an incredibly complex attribution problem - information sharing with salespeople AND partner managers across two organizations. The product has clearly been designed by a team that understands this problem deeply.

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Get started in less than 5 minutes with a purpose-built co-selling framework that works right “out of the box”.

We agonize over every detail so your team doesn’t need to spend months building custom CRM workflows and wasting hours per week in spreadsheets.
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Connect your data anywhere

We offer a full suite of best-in-class integrations.

Get connected in just a few clicks. We pull data from the tools you already use and push actionable information everywhere you need it.

Why Partnered?

We provide a technology-first approach to partnerships.
Get started today with a fully integrated suite of
co-selling products engineered for revenue growth.
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