Account-Based Networking 101: Who Uses Account-Based Networking?

Adam Michalski
February 8, 2022

Most salespeople can agree on one thing: prospecting is hard. In fact, over 40 percent of salespeople believe it's the single hardest part of their job.

To win new clients, you need the perfect combination of opportunities, trust, and personalization. 

Case in point:

  • 72 percent of companies with less than 50 new opportunities each month don't hit their bottom-line revenue goals.
  • 80 percent of B2B buyers expect personalized interactions.
  • 88 percent of B2B buyers will only purchase from a salesperson they trust.

To win in today's hyper-competitive sales arena, you need a massive social network to help you find and secure high-value leads. And today, building those social networks is easier than ever.

Who Can Use Account-Based Networking?

Well... you can. Seriously. Every salesperson at every type of B2B company will find tangible value in account-based networking. 

Coselling isn’t just for Account Executives anymore. Account-based networks can help at every stage of the sales cycle. 

Let’s break it down.

B2B Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

As an SDR, you need to do everything in your power to break into new accounts.

You’re dealing with buyer fatigue, saturated channels, and more.

It’s getting harder to land those meetings even for the best of the best. 

Let’s get out of those saturated channels for a minute. You have a massive account-based network of people who are already interested in working with you—ask them for the info you need to turn that “no thank you” into a “let’s book a meeting.”

Great partners can help you figure out the best time to approach prospects based on their experience with them. They can also give you insights into how to break into your target accounts. However, for partnerships to be successful, you have to stay in sync with your partners by sharing the right data and insights with them as well.

Stop the churn and burn. Be 100x more strategic and use your network to find the people who can open the door for you. 

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Account Executives

Let’s say your SDR passes along a qualified prospect, amazing. Now it’s your job to turn them from prospect to customer. 

The first step: you have to hop on the phone with that prospect. By leveraging your account-based network, you can now go into that meeting with all the information that matters. 

Use your account-based network to build a “cheat sheet” for how to navigate that deal and build relationships with everyone your prospect already trusts.

It only takes a couple of conversations with contacts they’ve worked with to ease their skepticism and validate your company.

Long story short: close deals 40% faster and for 233% more money using account-based networking (ABN).

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Customer Success Managers

As a Customer Success Manager, your job is to ensure the customer is successful and that business is renewed or increased, if possible.

Staying connected with your company’s account-based network will help set you up for success. Building and maintaining partner relationships will make your life easier in the long run.

The average enterprise has around 130 SaaS applications. Or put otherwise, you are just one piece in the puzzle to solve their business problems. To ensure your customer is successful with your solution, you need to look at the whole picture of how your technology works with their entire tech stack. This is how you can become a trusted advisor and guarantee your renewals and upsells.

Tapping into your account-based network allows you to connect with all the stakeholders in your customers’ sphere of influence to get a better picture of your customers, which allows you to be more strategic. 

Looking for more insights? Check out our CSM Playbook.

Sales Directors

As a Sales Director, you’re the coach supporting your Account Executive team to score the most amount of points. You have a number your team needs to reach, and by tapping into account-based networking you can hit that number and then some. 

The partner team is the best way to close those deals and break into new accounts.

Bold statement, but it’s true. 

On a tactical note, every 1:1 you should look at the partner ecosystem (or use Partnered 😉) to hold your AEs accountable. If they’re not tapping into their account-based network, they aren’t doing their job. Period. 

Using an account-based networking tool like Partnered gives you the insight into your team’s network to help you be the coach they need to get to the next level and hit those goals. 

Partner Managers

As a Partner Manager, your connection to account-based networks is the most straightforward.

Rather than having to be the human glue that ties sales teams together, you can be much more strategic.

How? Well, it’s not a human problem—tech is the only way to connect all these dots at scale.

Effective partner managers use modern ABN tools (like Partnered), allowing you to be much more strategic when looking for ways to grow your partner ecosystem. Not just setting up meetings and taking notes for your sales team.

Stop playing telephone and let technology amplify your abilities so you can maximize your partnership potential. Let technology do the busy work—you focus on building more strategic partnerships that will actually move the needle.

Revenue Executives

Whether you’re the VP of Sales or the Chief Revenue Officer, as a revenue executive you own the entire “number” and need to figure out how your business will hit that number.

Some of that pipeline you can attribute to marketing and some you can attribute to sales. But it’s been a struggle attributing pipeline to partnership efforts, hasn’t it? At least until now.

Account-based networking is the framework that allows revenue executives to not only insert best practices into the entire sales org for working with partners but also for tracking each interaction so you can quantifiably report on how these interactions are increasing your pipeline.

ABN is the future of sales because ecosystems are the future of business. McKinsey predicts that by 2025, ecosystems will represent 30% of the global economy, up from 1% - 2% today.

As a revenue leader, you need to adapt to this coming networked world or get left behind.

Winning with Modern Account-Based Networking

Are you tired of grinding just to miss your quota? Why should your sales team sit in the dark alone? Join the revolution. Expand your account-based network by building impactful partnerships with other hard-working sales teams.

By sharing relationships with your partners, you both get more sales, create more opportunities, and grow stronger businesses together. The more partners you work with, the bigger your account-based network grows.

If you'd like to see how Partnered can help you connect sales teams to share customer introductions, join today!


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