Connect Partner Data into
Sales Revenue Attribution

Send Partnered Attribution Data directly into your Bizible Multi-touch Sales Attribution Modeling.

What can you do with Bizible and Partnered?

Import Data from Partnered into Bizible:

  • Instantly sync your Partnered Attribution data in just a few clicks
  • Include Partnership Attribution in your Bizible Sales & Marketing Attribution Models
  • Build true multi-touch attribution with granular partnership data
  • Make smarter decisions with an accurate view on your go-to-market

About Bizible

Bizible is a unified repository to link data from disparate sales and marketing data stores, linking CRM, marketing, web site, ad network, and customer support information for a unified view of sales and marketing ROI and customer LTV.

About Partnered

Partnered brings together everything that’s required to drive the most measurable revenue from your partnership ecosystem.

How it works

Connect your sales team with your partners that have already closed their prospects to get introductions, recommendations, or strategic information
Join the Network

Join your partners by easily & securely connecting your CRM or other sales pipeline data source.

Find Overlap

Instantly see all your overlapping customers and prospects in just a few clicks.

Take Action

Make your sales team smarter and more effective with actionable alerts where they work.

Grow Revenue

Measurably increase your ecosystem revenue by up to 20x.

See how it works