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The future of sales

Navigate every deal like a pro by talking to partners who already closed your prospects.
Turn data into action
Get actionable data right at your fingertips to find new leads and close deals faster using your partners.
Stop flying blind
No more manually tracking sourced and influenced deals with fields in your CRM that barely get filled out.
Managed by science, not gut
It’s time to get rid of guesswork. Get the data you need to manage your partner ecosystem down to the decimal point.
"All of our BD activities are now measurable, giving the whole Go-To-Market leadership team visibility into the impact our partner activities are having on driving pipeline. Partnerships have become a critical agenda item on our weekly forecasting calls."
Al Harnisch
VP of Business Development

Turn your partnerships from an Art into a Science

Get the credit for the work you’ve done. Use insights and intelligence to make the most of your time.

Turn data into action

Track every touch
Make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You'll wonder how you were handling reporting without it.
All sent directly into Salesforce
Automatically get all attribution data sent directly into Salesforce.
Build next-level reporting
Turn your attribution into actionable insights. Build granular reports and dashboard that allow you to manage your pipeline as a science.

Stop flying blind

No more blind spots
Most organizations are missing up to 50% of partner sourced and influenced attribution. We can help you fill those gaps.
Understand each touch point
Not just sourced or influenced - understand exactly how the partner helped so you can granularly understand partner influence.
Auditable track record
Come prepared to forecasting and end of quarter with real data. No more guesswork.

Manage by science, not gut

Manage pipeline
Historically, forecasting and historical reporting was a chore at best - and often nonexistent. Now you'll have the tools to succeed.
Manage employees
Which SDRs are leveraging your ecosystem? Which AEs? Get the data and enable the team accordingly.
Manage partnerships
Understand which partners are driving value for your team and determine where to invest your time.

How it works

Connect your sales team with partners that have already closed their prospects to get introductions, recommendations, or strategic information
Join the Network

Instantly create profiles for your sales team in just a few clicks using your CRM

Connect with Partners

Increase your entire
sales teams network by inviting partner sales teams to connect

Invite your Sales Team

Invite your sales team to their pre-populated profiles/network. No work required

Eliminate Cold Outreach

Say goodbye to wasting hours per day cold prospecting. Only warm intros moving forward!

See how it works