We're excited to announce Crossbeam has acquired Partnered! Learn more about the announcement here.


Bring your teams together

Kick off shared conversations across sales teams in one-click and collaborate like never before.
Collaborate on deals in one-click
Instantly connect sales teams to work together on sourcing leads & fast-tracking existing deals.
Eliminate lost visibility
Easily see every partner interaction in one organized view.
Never forget to follow-up again
No more shifting through emails to figure out if your teams connected.
"The integration with Slack makes it so easy to put in a request to our BD teams. Partnered shortens and makes our requesting process far more efficient and the real-time updates let you know exactly where your requests stand and what the next steps are."
Philip Maier
Account Executive

Discover a new way of communicating with partners

Collaborative Inbox helps you measurably increase your partner ecosystem collaboration and communication

Collaborate on
deals in one-click

Instantly Connect Teams
Let your sales teams connect in Partnered or Slack to collaborate on deals and share intro's and information.
Ask questions internally
If your sales team have any questions, they can ask your partnership team directly in the chat.
Get alerted in Slack
We work where you work - get notified right in Slack with any updates

Eliminate lost visibility

Stay organized
Every partner interaction in one easy view. Stay organized like you've never been able to before.
Scale your time
Let automation handle follow-ups and reminders so you can focus on the high-value action items that drive value.
Every interaction tracked
Get every partner interaction tracked so at the end of quarter you get the credit you deserve.

Never forget to follow-up again

Get reminders
You and your team are busy - we get it. Let us handle reminders for you.
Audit your sourced & Influenced revenue
Get one single source of truth on partnership attribution. We'll make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Make the most impact
You have plenty to do - focus on closing deals and getting partnerships done. We'll handle the boring busywork.

How it works

Connect your sales team with partners that have already closed their prospects to get introductions, recommendations, or strategic information
Join the Network

Instantly create profiles for your sales team in just a few clicks using your CRM

Connect with Partners

Increase your entire
sales teams network by inviting partner sales teams to connect

Invite your Sales Team

Invite your sales team to their pre-populated profiles/network. No work required

Eliminate Cold Outreach

Say goodbye to wasting hours per day cold prospecting. Only warm intros moving forward!

See how it works