We're excited to announce Crossbeam has acquired Partnered! Learn more about the announcement here.


Smash your Sourced Revenue goals

You focus on building partnerships. Partnered will handle all the manual busywork of sourcing and influencing revenue.
Crush your quota
Tools to hit your number and so much more.
Presidents Club here you come.
No more busywork
Automation to let you focus on what moves the needle - building and progressing your partnerships.
Never miss another deal
Organization to make sure nothing ever slips through the cracks.
"Building partnerships is the first step, then it's all about enabling the sales organization to turn the partnerships into revenue. Partnered helps us push partner connections to sales leads in a way that is automated and actionable, that's the game changer!" 
Pat McBrearty
Head of Partnerships

Your secret weapon

Get everything you need to automate and measure the impact partnerships are driving on your business

Crush your quota

Hit your number
Getting to goal is hard - we know because we've been there. Partnered will give you the tools to hit your number and amplify your efforts across the board.
Sourced and Influenced
Tracking sourced deals is tough. Tracking influence is even tougher - don't worry, we've got you covered on both.
Never miss a deal
Easily figure out where you and your team should be focusing your time. Partnered will automatically highlight the best deals to spend your time.

No more busywork

Instant Account Mapping
Take hours of spreadsheets down to a couple clicks. Set and forget it.
Real-time Notifications
Instantly get alerted when there are relevant changes in your account mapping.
Set Reminders
Make sure no deal falls through the cracks with reminders that can trigger automatically.

Never miss another deal

Empower your Sales Team
The best way to source and influence revenue is to give your sales team visibility on where partners can help them. Partnered has you covered with not only the tools, but enablement as well.
Track every deal
At the end of the quarter or year, Partnered will give you attribution and insights to make sure you get the credit for all your hard work.
Best-in-class Reporting
Still tagging deals manually in your CRM? Put that in the past with reporting that will give you insights which will make you wonder why you didn't switch earlier.

How it works

Connect your sales team with partners that have already closed their prospects to get introductions, recommendations, or strategic information
Join the Network

Instantly create profiles for your sales team in just a few clicks using your CRM

Connect with Partners

Increase your entire
sales teams network by inviting partner sales teams to connect

Invite your Sales Team

Invite your sales team to their pre-populated profiles/network. No work required

Eliminate Cold Outreach

Say goodbye to wasting hours per day cold prospecting. Only warm intros moving forward!

See how it works