The 15 Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools In 2022 to Supercharge Revenue

Adam Michalski
December 1, 2021

If you find prospecting difficult as a salesperson, you're not alone. According to Hubspot's 2021 Sales Enablement Report, over 40% of salespeople agree that prospecting is the hardest part of sales. But what is prospecting (in sales terms, not gold mining)? Sales prospecting is the time-consuming process of searching far and wide to identify potential customers, clients, or buyers.

In the past, salespeople, just like gold miners, had to work with what they had – think about manually having to look around and spot gold glinting in the distance. But today, there are thousands of incredible tools at your fingertips that can save you time. We've rounded up the best 15 of them by category to give you insights into each tool and help you to beef up the bottom line. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Tools to Build and Qualify your Prospect List

A great sales prospecting tool can accelerate the entire prospecting process while making it seamless to close the deal. There are multiple software options that can help you build and qualify your prospect list and supercharge sales.

1: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is one of the go-to places for sales prospecting, especially in B2B, so they created Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator deserves an honorable mention in the sales prospecting software marketplace. Experts estimate that LinkedIn generates the vast majority of social B2B leads online, outwitting both Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features:

•    It enhances searching and gives you the ability to dive in on specific prospects with filters.

•    It provides you with InMail credits, etc.

One major benefit of Linkedin Sales Navigator to sales professionals from a prospecting lens is that it saves time and gives you better leads.


$64.99 - $103.99 per month

2: Lusha

Lusha is a LinkedIn email finder chrome extension that doubles as an efficient B2B lead enrichment tool that quickens the process of finding the email addresses, phone numbers, and company data of your potential customers. 

Key Features

It lets you search and use advanced filters to find prospects that match your B2B qualification criteria.

The key benefit of Lusha to salespeople is that the software delivers up to 37 firmographic data points regarding your prospects and helps you build laser-targeted lists of qualified leads fast with a 93.5% data accuracy rate.


The free plan gives you 5 credits per month.

Lusha's paid versions start at $39.00/month.

3: LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a great sales prospecting tool that helps you to find your prospects' contact information in your target market. It's more like a souped-up version of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. 

Key Features:

•    It's a hyper-targeted search engine for leads.

The key benefit to sales professionals from a prospecting lens is that you get 25 free leads the moment you sign up with your email address, and there is no credit card required.

Price: You get 25 free leads when you sign up with just an email. Paid versions range between $132.30/month and $447.30/month.

4: UpLead


UpLead lets you get current email addresses of multiple prospects relevant to your market quickly and easily. It comes with an advanced search option to help you find the perfect leads for your business–and their email addresses. 

Key Features:

•    It allows you to build highly targeted lists of B2B leads.

Sales professionals can benefit immensely from UpLead by searching for prospects by title, job function, management level, industry, location, company size, technologies used, and more.


There are three packages to choose from: $99, $199, and $399 per month. You'll get a 7-day free trial available on your preferred package.

Tools to Find Contact Details

Finding prospects can sometimes be a challenge, but getting their contact information is even more difficult. The following tools will always do the trick when searching for contact details. 

5: Voila Norbert

VoilaNorbert is the go-to sales prospecting tool if you have a list of prospects with missing contact information. All you need is the person's first name, last name, and company website URL. Voila!

Key Features:

•    Quick and easy tool to find the email address of a specific person at a company you are looking to sell to.

•    You are limited in how many searches you can do in a day.

The key benefit of Voila Norbert to sales professionals is that it quickens the process of getting email addresses by simply using their names and website URLs.

Price: $49 - $499 per month

6: FindThatLead

FindThatLead is an efficient B2B prospecting tool that helps you scale and automate your lead generation and sales outreach. You can use the tool to quickly build prospects' lists without copy-pasting or scrapping websites.

Key Features: 

•    FindThatLead allows you to search a company's domain and get all the associated email addresses.

•    It has a Google Chrome extension.

Findthatlead is the favorite tool for sales professionals as it helps them quickly prospect, generate leads, and scale business.

Price: $49, $150 or $399 monthly. 

Tools for Engaging your Prospects and Writing Stellar Emails

B2B clients receive hundreds of sales emails every day and open only a small percentage of these emails, read fewer, and take action on a very small number. To overcome all of these hurdles, you need tools to write great emails that can engage your prospects.

7: CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows shows you the most engaging way to communicate with prospects or customers based on their personalities. They analyze your recipients' writings and then provide hints and suggest appropriate phrases that could match their communication style.

Key Features:

•    CrystalKnows uses public/social data to analyze your prospects' unique personalities and provides insights on how to communicate with them.

CrystalKnows helps sales professionals craft engaging emails that can turn qualified prospects into high-dollar-amount clients.


Free with limited views per month.

8: Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot picks personalization information from Clearbit and spins up "customized" emails based on available data and your offering. The Magic Sales Bot is a cool tool if you don't want to send obviously templated 1-size-fits-all prospecting emails but don't want to draft emails quickly. 

Key Features: 

•    Magic Sales Bot uses public data combined with AI to craft custom sales emails.

The Magic Sales Bot helps sales professionals create great sales emails in 2 minutes versus 20, which is hugely time-saving.


There’s a free trial with no credit card required. The full subscription costs $49/month.

Tools to Book and Prep for Meetings

Meetings are a necessary evil and even a bigger necessity in B2B marketing. You'll need a killer meeting tool to streamline the scheduling of meetings with your prospects and team members.

9: Detective by Charlie App

Detective helps you research prospects in minimal time. It automatically researches people you have scheduled to meet with or call and connects with your Google calendar to gather that info. Detective technology filters through hundreds of sources, including social media profiles, and extracts useful insights about prospects and companies. 

Key Features:

•    Detective automatically researches prospects you have scheduled calls with and lets you know the latest news, blog posts, who their competitors are, and if they are connected to your CRM.

Detective sends a neat one-page briefing to your email ahead of the scheduled meeting, which is extremely beneficial for busy sales professionals.


You currently have to sign up for early access.

10. Owler

Owler is a free online database that provides you with useful company information such as their top competitors, their most recent acquisitions, and general information like linked social media accounts, annual revenue, and employee size. While it provides five free searches, you need to sign up for a plan to get unlimited access.

Key Features:

•    The database lets you search for top competitors, recent acquisitions, and other general information.

•    Free for 5 searches.

Owler provides sales reps with a quick means to search for company information at no cost.

Price: N/A

11. ClaraLabs

If you hate the back and forth of scheduling appointments, you can simply use ClaraLabs to set up appointments for you. "Clara" will coordinate meetings with other persons and ensure it fits well into your calendar.

Key Features:

•    ClaraLabs handles emails within an hour.

•    It combines artificial intelligence with human oversight to provide a high level of professional communication. 

This unique tool schedules your meetings for you. As a sales professional, you only need to set your meeting preferences and then cc the tool on your email to a prospect.


Free trial, $99/month.

12. Calendly

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that makes it easy to schedule calls, demos, and meetings. The tool works by syncing up with your Google Calendar and allowing you to create a schedule based on your availability.

Key Features:

•    Calendly allows you to set your meeting preferences and use the tool to set up sales calls, demos, and more. 

•    It can sync with your Gmail.

Calendly's Gmail plugin lets sales professionals create ad-hoc meetings and send out a clickable schedule of available times within the email itself.


14-day free trial; paid plans start at $8/month.

13. Doodle

Doodle is a great scheduling tool with a slight twist. It gives prospects the option to suggest what times work best for them, allowing the organizer to pick the best possible option. With their premium version, you get impressive features such as automated reminders and messages.

Key Features:

A unique take on a scheduling tool, Doodle lets the prospect pick all the times that work for them, and then it's up to us to pick the final time.


Free to use; paid plans starting at $43/year.

Tools to Crush Engagement Post-meeting

Post-meeting audience engagement is essential if you want to push your leads through the buying journey and convert them into paying customers. The following tools can help you through that process.

14: Symbo

Symbo is a great tool that helps sales reps connect better and more often with their prospects and close more deals in less time. Its "Symbo Drives" feature lets you send automated sales cadences such as a call, email, LinkedIn follow-up, etc. 

Key Features:

•    Symbo helps you send automated sales calls, emails, and LinkedIn follow-ups.

•    They have a robust free plan.

Sales teams get a free plan that comes with unlimited email and Drives templates, automated emails, calendar scheduling, reply & open tracking, and bi-directional CRM sync.


Free plan and a basic plan that costs just $15/month.

15: Partnered (One Tool to Rule Them All)

Partnered is how you connect your sales team with your partner sales teams to close more deals, together. It enables your sales team to save up to 50% of their time prospecting and utilize powerful insights to close up to 2X more deals.

Key Features:

•    Partnered is an all-in-one tool that can do everything you need with B2B sales prospecting. 

•    It's an account-based partnership platform that cuts your time spent prospecting.

•    It allows you to see exactly which of your existing partners can introduce you to the prospects you want to meet.

•    Partnered tracks all interactions with your prospects and stores all the information you receive about them from your partners in one easy-to-find place.

•    Partnered automation handles follow-ups and reminders and helps track every partner interaction

•    Partnered gives sales teams a complete picture of sourced and influenced revenue. It offers you real data to help you make better decisions and grow revenue.


Join the waitlist for early access.


Hopefully, this list has helped you identify a perfect B2B sales prospecting tool that suits your specific business needs. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all about how to improve your prospecting process. Overall, using a sales team network like Partnered is the simplest and most effective way to empower your sales team to reap the rewards of your strategic alliance partnerships. 

Partnered is LinkedIn for your partner ecosystem - except better because Partnered delivers critical insights into the laps of your sales team right where they work. As a result, your sales team can save time prospecting and utilize powerful insights to close more deals. Join our waitlist to check out how Partnered can help you and your sales team boost sales and close more deals faster!


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